Thursday, February 04, 2016

The show's over, Whitechapel Gallery and Red 271

Time to pack up
So after 3 weeks of exhibiting it is with some sadness that I removed my pictures from The Questors Grapevine Bar (you can still see what I showed here).

As well as having a very fine pint (or two) of London Pride I have had several opportunities to talk about the photo's and found out about what engages an audience - this has been what I got the most from.

A big blank space

I was fortunate in having a theme/title for the exhibition and the fact that many of the pictures were 'ultra' local was a positive - I think my experience of conducting small tours at the Design Museum also helped me to feel comfortable talking about the pictures.

My initial worries were around the hanging but as I was able to visit the bar I had a good idea of what and how I would show my 14 pictures, I was also keen to get the message out there of my exhibition - this was undoubtedly a challenge - I used social media and I think that might have had some (small) impact but word of mouth is by far the more important  tool.

I would have been grateful for more feedback but am happy to report that the possibility of another outing is very much on the cards for late 2016/17 and if you have ideas of other place I could show please do e-mail me.

Whitechapel's Electronic Superhighway

Let me in!
I'd say my impression of the Whitechapel Gallery's current exhibition is mixed.

In principle this exhibition should be perfect for me - I've been around the ephemera of the internet since it's inception and also am very keen on galleries and exhibitions that look at the everyday.

The standout work for me was undoubtedly that by modern Renaissance Man Douglas Coupland (a Canadian Writer and Painter well in tune with the Zeitgeist).
Nice one Doug.

I was also happy to see that Nam June Paik the late South Korean artist  (whose work I saw at Tate Modern) is rightly credited (and shown) as an early influence.

I liked the witty Jon Rafman works on show too.

Monet Economy Class
Kurt Schwitter's Bar

Some of the work though I found very much of it's time and now feels like it's  lacking in  substance - as we all know what is currently bang up to date  is what dates so quickly.

Red 271

Rather excited to see Red as a subject at the gallery - specifically in terms of Danger - Red Alert (2007) by Hito Steyerl

Someone else thinking about 'Red'

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