Monday, February 29, 2016

UK Party Political Leadership and Red 246

Nobody said being a leader is easy or fun- the spotlight has moved from Labour's beleaguered leader (it's a word that is compulsorily attached to statements about  Corbyn)

I read recently that Jeremy Corbyn the (current) leader of the Labour party in the UK has adopted something of a 'Bunker Mentality' reading only the papers he's favourably reviewed by (not too many) and going to events where others attending want to be seen in 'selfies' with him - it's probably not true but it still has a ring of truth about it.

Sadly I think Corbyn is a failed experiment he's no Bernie Sanders and despite his pained expressions the situation he finds himself in is much of his own making - Ken Livingstone as elder statesman of the self destruct wing of Labour has mused  that Corbyn's Shadow Chancellor would replace Corbyn on a sudden departure - this is not necessarily a good thing
Is it the  DC Comic going Whaam?

But JC's problems are nothing when compared to those of DC.

John Major will be smiling his enigmatic smile as he sees the usual suspects forming an (almost) unified group around Boris Johnson.

The problem as I see it  is that leadership relies on support cascading from the top, many of Cameron's cabinet colleagues  have now broken their  link with the leader and revealed that although he may lead many choose not to follow - in fact the appeasement he's offered to 'rebels' is now looking like it has merely delayed and fuelled the open warfare it was designed to defeat - oh dear me.

Red 246

Strange sometimes how you can create a whole story or scenario from a snatched image - there's one here perhaps.

Congratulations perhaps?

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