Monday, February 15, 2016

Getty Images Gallery and Red 260

Today I was in town and took the opportunity to  visit the Getty Images Gallery just off Oxford Street.
If you think your photo's are okay look here.
As well as taking a walk I was on a mission to kick off a search for a couple of images that I can submit to the City Lit Photographic competition in March that could just about be considered to fit the requirement as Portraiture.

Having seen what was on show at the Getty gallery to say I was over-awed is an understatement, it's not just the subject matter that sets the works apart, the quality of the images and the standard of the prints is to my mind exceptional.
Centre Point spring clean

What I saw were a selection of Photographs that were so much more than just a pictorial record, to my mind they would sit well in an art gallery.

Well as always, W1 and Oxford Street has  new things to see and I did manage to take some pictures that had people in them too.

I liked this target picture of a hoarding for a new shopping development.

A new retail quarter or as some people might 'more shops'.

Red 260

Woman in Red (1) - the idea of Red and even Scarlet has connotations in a woman's clothing.

Outside for a crafty fag perhaps?

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