Friday, February 05, 2016

A guide to Creative Thinking (UWL) and Red 270

Late Afternoon/early evening yesterday I went along to what is now the University of West London to learn a little about 'Creative Thinking'.
UWL Ealing - Looking like the 21st Century

The celebrated John Ingledew is at the forefront of what must be a most important area in our creative industries - making the idea of thinking outside the box second nature.

It's fair to say I think that not all ideas that are different are necessarily good and I for one found the idea of a presentation being made from behind me with screen in from slightly off putting - but worth trying I guess.

At the end of the session I was minded to look at things from a different angle(!) and was severely tempted to buy the new book - A Guide to Creative Thinking at only £10 it looked a bargain - also impressed at how the former Ealing college has been revamped!

The youngest of the Stones is an Ealing old boy
And creativity today (yesterday?)

Red 270

Unusually in this slot  this is not my photo but one from The Tate  -credited below (I found it in a tweet).

I couldn't resist it as it is - Miereles the Brazilian artist has done something which I think is quite amazing, using the power of 'Social Media' to source all the elements in this room

Cildo Meireles Red Shift I: Impregnation (detail) 1967–84

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