Sunday, February 14, 2016

Studies in Ethnomethodology and Red 261

Following the Philosophy and Psychoanalysis class this week the reading was part of  Harold Garfinkel's  'Common Sense'  Studies in Ethnomethodology focusing on his experiment which looked at a  practical alternative to a 'normal' expert psychotherapy session.

The Experiment and analysis was most illuminating and brought to my mind the 'Scientific turn' in Social studies as well as Wittgenstein.

It is also clear that people's desire to construct a narrative and impose meaning on a  situation can be a strong driver which can in fact lead to unexpected consequences.

The basis of the experiment could have been to debunk psychotherapy highlighting the  'fact' that many of us believe that people come to us for advice and then do whatever they were going to do anyway as well as bringing a light on the  instigator of a study as having already decided the outcome - it'll be interesting to see, tomorrow how far from the mark I am with my own personal analysis!


I was intrigued to learn of the Christadelphian church, it's a worldwide religious interpretation of the bible, with  a 'flat' structure - and there's a church for it in Ealing.
It's not St. Paul's

It's all about the Bible

                                                                                                                                                                                     Red 261

                                    Another celebration another Red - Valentine's with it's link to the heart is of course another cue for red

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