Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Three Little Things and Red 258

I bought them like an artist
Here's a Thing (or 3)

1) Well I declared  some time ago that I wanted Austin Kleon's books - I've now bought them both and read them too - As Austin values (rightly) accreditation I'll give his some here.

Really great books that say something many of us are probably thinking to ourselves so I'd say  they resonate well (with me for sure).
Surprisingly to me Austin's 32 the age I heard (somewhere) that many men spend much of their life thinking they are (32).

[Odd to that Austin lives in Austin, Texas]

Hey, spring can't be faraway - can it?
2) There's been a change that perhaps we'll look back on as being a Sea one - with The Independent declaring itself as an online only paper (from March 26, the first big daily one, I think that's actually stopping its physical presence) and BBC (TV) 3 closing its traditional presence as a scheduled linear TV channel- is it good? I don't know but as for most of us we can still continue to access them perhaps it's okay.

3) Down on the allotment yesterday- there were daffodils to see and despite (yet another) recent shed break-in it was a pleasure to be there and pottering.

Red 258

A part of Ealing's Heritage - it's now called the Red Room but it was where Blues legend Alexis Korner started a music club in Ealing

It has a history

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