Thursday, February 25, 2016

Public sculpture, public artists and Red 250

Ahead of meeting to look around the Performing for the Camera Exhibition at Tate Modern (more on this later) I saw, for the first time just off Paternoster Square the statue commonly known as  'Angel's Wings' (Ave Maria Lane - no 9 in this list ) it's an impressive sight - unusually for a piece of art it is said to  work  as a cooling mechanism for a power substation.

What I liked about it is that although it fills the space it does not appear crowded - the material used really reflects the light well too.

Oddly, later  my companion for the exhibition tour and I spoke about the mooted Garden Bridge project  it like the sculpture (and the Olympic 2012 Cauldron) are from the Thomas Heatherwick design practice a powerhouse  for practical creativity (the Boris Bus/New Routemaster is another of their designs too).
The presence of this guy make Angel's Wings look like a Pink Floyd Album cover  to me

Ben Wilson

Also crossing the river to the Tate Modern it was a treat to observe Ben Wilson working to maintain his small works on the Millennium Bridge, a delight to engage with him and find in him a friendly  and approachable man.
Ben Wilson - A man and Artist preserving and maintain his works on the Millennium Bridge London

Red 250

Not too far from the Tate Modern on the Southbank there's a stretch with some fine old buildings by the  Golden Hind II - here a pub that looks almost Dickensian.

A traditional watering hole

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