Sunday, February 21, 2016

EU Negotiations end, now the campaign and Red 254

The EU vote is now scheduled and it'll be interesting to see how it plays out, there are several things it brings home to me about Democracy and the Governance of the UK.
Democracy like Western Civilisation is perhaps just a good idea?

1. Democracy isn't (or shouldn't be) so binary, in truth there are people who are for European Integration (many Lib Dems for example) they have not been part of the debate and the offer they will have presented to them is a retreat of what went before.
Even within those who are against integration in general they may have specific areas where they think integration is of advantage to all of us -how can a yes/no reflect this?

2. The UK premier (Prime Minister) certainly in David Cameron is presenting as a figure more akin to a President, the figurehead focus of the EU negotiations on the UK side has been David Cameron and the battle within his (ruling) party has characterised the 2 sides in 'Soap Opera' terms- it is hard to see the next Tory leader being less presidential (especially if it is Boris Johnson).

3. The bulk of the (un-elected) UK commercial Media appears (at present) to be actively against remaining in the EU - why this is so and the effect are as yet unclear.

Apart from this the struggle to get voters to leave their homes to support a Prime minister they feel natural antagonism towards is at this stage difficult to judge as is the animosity that our European neighbours will have towards us regardless of the outcome.

A marginal vote without a clear majority is undoubtedly a potential outcome and regional variations could create constitutional issues - it's that old Chinese curse 'interesting times'.

Red 254

Why red- is it about the heart and the blood of Christ?

Fighting the 'good' fight some would say

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