Thursday, February 18, 2016

How lucky are we and Red 257

Yesterday after conducting my bi-weekly 'Cycle Revolution' Tours at the Design Museum I took the walk towards Tate Modern (walking along the Thames as much as was possible for me) and saw some sights from History recent and distant - as I got closer to my quarry and passed the Globe theatre rain started to fall.
A wall from Historic Winchester Palace

Once in the former power station I was such taken by the top floor of exhibits which included works by Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein and a personal favourite of mine Ed Ruscha.
One for George?

Ed Ruscha seems to say so much
I was also excited to see more of Nam June Paik and what I saw here was for me  more inspiring than those I recently saw at The Whitechapel Gallery, another revelation was seeing a  work which was also combining the word and image, this by Barbara Kruger a US artist who was asking the searching question 'Who Owns What?''.

Barbara wants to know

an early part of the Information Super-Highway from Paik

An exciting summer

Red 257

A machine we can associate with speed

A Red dream machine

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