Saturday, February 06, 2016

Pictures and Selling along with Red 269

On the back of my recent Photo' exhibition  I've had some interesting questions about my exhibition - are the pictures I've sold the ones I expected to ? for example, well yes and no is the non-committal answer.
The last time for these pictures

I've sold some pictures, it's a nice experience but unless you're a natural business-person you can feel some qualms - I know this person, should I make a profit?

Last year a I gave away a couple of my exhibited pictures and there's a real danger that giving something away negates its value for both parties.

How do I feel about charging? Well I've not sold enough to make an overall profit so I'm able to live with myself but actually selling more than one of the same thing moves me into a different territory - as they say a good deal is where both sides feel happy.
A hard working retailer

On Friday I spent a day at the sharp end of retail (in a small specialist retail outlet) - it was an education that's for sure and the profit element was in a way removed - people were mainly happy to buy what was on sale and get the advice for free - this seemed a good example of retail (but hard work).

I guess I can apply the same to my own pictures?

Red 269

Generally window and door frames are black or white not here though..

A red window frame is something of a novelty

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