Saturday, February 27, 2016

The destruction of our High Streets continues and Red 248

Look out across the London skyline centrally and even on the peripheral, chances are you'll see building work with a crane or two - well what say do we have in the ongoing re-imagining of our neighbourhoods and environment?
21st century development  -Please not on the (my) High Street

To my mind Ealing has seen more development than is good for it and the idea that there has been connivance between council and investors to destroy our heritage fills me with dismay - why on earth does council leader Julian Bell delight in giving Ealing a 21st century High Street when the price is destroying the one we have without consulting the electorate?

We're encouraged to join debates on many things that seem (to me) to be peripheral to our lives but when it comes to ur High Street lip service is paid to democracy with 'exhibitions' of photo-shopped and airbrushed  images of a shopping utopia - where's the real consultation?

Has Consultation has come to mean nothing? the hollow use a chance to tick a box as investors provide more urban blight and a smoke screen of so-called Affordable Housing?

I'm not sure how much central governments squeeze on councils ability to raise funds is having on the Green-lighting of major projects by councils but I fear it might be part of the overall calculation

Regardless I don't like the way the plans have been accepted with such haste if you want to get your opinion registered why not have a look here (The London Standard has a poll)

Red 248

Here's a development of worth-  look at how the great playwright is denoted  

Saying hello to a minimal Shakespeare  (5 solid shapes)

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