Thursday, February 11, 2016

Ealing Arts and Culture Forum as well as Red 264

The anticipation of the forum is felt by one participant 

Yesterday I took up what was more or a less an OPEN invitation to Ealing's Arts and Culture Forum held by Ealing Council at the Central Library in Ealing.

It was a mixed bunch of attendant with figures form voluntary organisations, Community Theatre and the council.

Topics covered included Regeneration, Summer Festivals and the role of Libraries in cultural life

We got updates from the council on the Cinema rebuild (it's planned to have 8 screens and of course restaurants and coffee shops) - you can find out more at  the Land Securities Filmworks website here  the idea of a film Archive project was mentioned too.

[there was also some Talk of a boutique cinema in Acton]

Also in the centre of Ealing a live music venue is being spoken about as a link to the heritage associated with the Rhythm and Blues themed 1960s Ealing Club.

Another exciting thread to the communications was news of the soon to be operational  Workspace in West Ealing supported by the London Mayor,  it's going to be in St James Avenue W13 and will provide space for small start up businesses. It won't only be office space there'll be associated 3D printing and an emphasis on the 'Creative'. The project has a number of stakeholders/participants  including OPEN Ealing, UWL and Catalyst Housing.

Events Umbrella spoke about the need for an (even more) commercial approach to the popular Ealing Festivals  including the London Mela.

Red 264

Cushioning the blow on the pinky edge of red a soft furnishing display in a shop.

Warmth and comfort

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