Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Hanwell Hootie 2016 and Red 251

Local Music

It's really nice to be able to mention a relatively new annual event here The Hanwell Hootie which is running on Saturday 2nd April this year.

The event was created in memory of Jim Marshall (Aka Father of Loud) founder of Marshal Amplifiers in 2013 it's a local company famed for their  world beating musical amplifiers.

There are all sorts of initiatives going on where we (collectively) live - these are often the sort of things that can lead to an improvement in our sense of community and interactions with those around us.

Happy times will inhabit our memories - and the reasons for these events are part of a narrative - they also feed into the idea that pleasure is not jus about purchasing and consumption -please support if you can.

Red 251

Looking at this I'm reminded of 1970s public sector workers strikes - it feels like a long while ago.

Red for Biodegradable

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