Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Media highlights, shelving and Red 265

Monday was another session of the Philosophy and  Psychoanalysis  class I'm taking at CityLit - in a small group discussion within the lesson we all appeared to be suffering from severe tiredness but were not sure if this was an example of Resistance!

Anyway resolved to engage more with the topic ahead of next week's class and  I've had a trawl of YouTube for programmes on Psychoanalysis and Freud - it's quite rich source of materials - I also see that there's a series of radio programmes next week that dramatizes Therapy sessions (In Therapy).

I will of course continue to enjoy re-runs of Frasier too
Can you dig it?
{I'm currently enjoying the Social Science-ish  BBC show Back in time for the weekend as well ]


As part of my project to tidy our Garage (I think that's what it is) - I ordered some BigDug Shelving and bench, surprisingly quick delivery, perhaps less surprising that it's incomplete fingers crossed that part 6 of 6 arrives soon.

Red 265

Well managed to do  100 - It's worrying that I'm not half way - expect things to get more tenuous.

Here Dustpan nestling in the shed (not garage).

You can run but you can't hide (well not very well)

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