Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Planting time is with us again, Photgraphy and Red 272

Seedlings to come
Now that January and my photo exhibition are both out the way it's time to start thinking again about Plot 202.

Last year I was rather late getting tomatoes and peppers started hopefully this year I'll be more successful once I've got some more compost I plan to start other seeds off inside too.

The Garlic, broad beans and peas that are in pots outside are doing okay

Extra provision for Photo's

A quick and reasonable card

As I'm recognising that there's always a risk of missing pictures I've ordered a spare battery (for my SX 280HS) and another memory card - the cards already arrive from Hong Kong in less than a week and a t less than £10 - that's not bad is it?

More Channels

Talking Pictures TV launches on Freesat Another TV channel has launched on Freesat, classic movies and cultish TV shows from a 'Golden- age' good luck to them

Red 272

Nice to have another natural Red this one from Plot 202 too

Sneaking in under the orange boundary 

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