Saturday, February 20, 2016

WH Smugg and Red 255

I reckon that the nature of the High Street is set for terminal change - and that'll mean far less retail jobs we're already seeing the rise of the operator - less cash till and more and more non perishable purchases are being made online.
Going local- near me

So I was interested to see that WH Smith are moving back into small neighbourhood shops- by offering a franchise arrangement, here right next to an existing newsagent.

I don't know, I suppose most businesses are about making money but there's something I find particularly mercenary about WH Smith's an earlier adopter of bag charging who famously refused to stock Private Eye for many years. The company core values have to me seemed  hard to pinpoint and they've repeatedly altered their focus over the years as Newspaper and Magazine sales continue to decline the challenge is on for them.

Having said that be interesting to see how this plays out against the background of changing shopping habits.

Red 255

Reminding me of the joke - two Scots talking,

'What's the difference between Sinatra and Disney?
Sinatra sings and Walt Disney

Disney sees Red

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