Sunday, February 28, 2016

First World problems and Red 247

First World problems (1)

An outside bath says more to me
I was with a bunch of people meeting as part of an initiative around selling - the conversation was somewhat  alien to me, although I do find things are not always to my liking I can come to terms with the amount of choice there is with coffee in London and am not overwhelmed by the problems of finding outlets that struggle with re-usable cups - get over it.

First World problems (2)

I recently noted a Tweet decrying the standard of the poetry on the London Underground-it resonated with me when I saw in an inappropriate setting on the concourse of Paddington Station a  statue commemorating Brunel (by John Doubleday decried for a Beatles statue too)  to me unimpressive and not sufficiently well positioned.
Brunel deserves better

I think there is (me included) too often an acceptance of the second rate in works, be they written or visual that are deemed to be 'free', they are not free and they should be of the highest standard being inoffensive and mediocre is not what we should put out there - sad to say it might be a bit moan-y but it needs to be said - those selecting such works might not be the people best suited to do this.

Red 247

Here's (to me) an example of Art for the public that's good (in central London) it wasn't chosen by a committee and it's mainly red  (look at the top and bottom of the 'can' though- it really works).

A better example of Public Art

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