Monday, November 30, 2015

Open-City by Boat, Politics and Red 337

Living in London it's far too easy to take our constantly changing environment for granted, bombarded as we are by visual stimuli and corporate  messages the wonder of what's around us can be a mere peripheral noise.

How different at dusk?
For this and because Christmas is not too far away the chance to take a trip along the Thames  arranged by the admirable Open-City initiative is far too good for us to ignore - it's on Saturday afternoon and you can find out more here.


UK's shame

It feels like it's been particularly bad week or so for the two major political parties in the UK with disingenuity, dishonesty and disrespect far beyond what honourable people should associate themselves with - strangely the Liberal Democrats with their naivety seem strangely appealing.

(Hard) Labour

First the infighting within the party set up to champion the working classes.

and the Old Mare
Ken Livingstone once mayor of London has not only insulted those battling with mental health issues but also given the impression that terrorists killing civilians in London  are somehow demonstrating legitimate dissent - how he can be considered capable of offering intelligent insights into the UK's defence policy is beyond satire.

The idea that because Jeremy Corbyn was not in the room when the NEC made it's decision is (of course) an insulting attempt at manoeuvring him away from in-fighting but of course as leader such decisions are ultimately for him to justify and rule on - can he seriously do this?

Perhaps Jeremy can create a way forward in the ISIS  debate that keeps Labour united and wins the sometimes 'floating' voter (who tends to select the ruling party in the UK's system) but at present if he remains true to his convictions more disaster lies ahead and with people like Ken playing a part in Jeremy's idea of 21st century politics I see little cause for optimism.

Tory shame?

Playing at Politics

The Tories too have shown the horrendous underbelly of blind ambition where characters lacking in the fundamental humanity have hidden away and been unwilling to bear witness to their own mistakes and those around them - I sympathise with the parents Elliott Johnson and shudder at the unseemly denials by some within the Conservative party.


Red 337

More reds..

It'd make quite a Valentine's gift

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