Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Being Plagued by 'IT support' and Red 363

More irritation here as nuisance calls seem to be hitting a new high - the scam of choice at the moment is regarding a hoax around 'Windows' or 'your computer'  is reporting errors and they then masquerade as a professional company who will sort you out - DONT BE FOOLED- and don't even waste your time trying to reason with them.
PCs - An unhealthy interest

Previous calls have lacked much credibility but these tricksters now have answers for some questions - like why it's showing as an international call and then also being able to give an address - Don't be fooled they want your money some way.

The office location I was given was  146 Banbury Road Oxford by an  Indian caller - look here
He also explained why the call appeared as International (VoIP).

These callers are without shame I pointed out to one that he  could be calling an older vulnerable person -no reaction.

Today's caller was claiming to be from BT  (from telephone number 008885556363 ) - when I said I didn't think he was he called off.

Here are some good tips from BT

Red 363

It's another sign but local to me in West London - an estate agent

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