Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Michael Craig-Martin's Transience and Red 342

It's a sign
Last night at the Serpentine to see preview of the new shows there - the way the twin gallery approach serves the visitor is very successful (in my judgement)  -well worth taking the walk across Kensington gardens to see what was on offer.

As well as an exhibition by Craig-Martin there was a very different take on how modern  practices are influencing life by young-ish New Zealander Simon Denny at the Serpentine Sackler Gallery just a short walk away (more on this soon)
Serpentine Gallery  on Preview night

Michael Craig-Martin is known by many as the Godfather of the  BritArt movement during his time tutoring at Goldsmiths in the 1980s

[Not only is he important in this role but he's an important figure in his own right in Conceptual Art - look at the work of his former student Julian Opie]
It's big and bold

Capturing images of technology with technology
Transience (on until February 14th 2016) is an exhibition of Craig-Martin's beautifully crafted Acrylic on canvas works. The topic in itself   is a thoroughly engaging one with his identification of our rapidly changing 'thing' dominated lives, echoes of Patrick Caulfield resonate through the bright images (for me) like Caulfield the pictures are empty of people but here the works are almost obsessed with the technological accoutrements and artifacts that pass through modern life many of us lead

The paintings are really well displayed with bright backgrounds accentuating the stark near perfect images.
Everyday objects abstracted from surroundings
Fries with that?


Red 342

More on the reds around us
A barrier like this needs to be seen Red helps us identify it an the idea of a warning

A Physical Barrier
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