Sunday, November 22, 2015

More at Tate Britain this week and Red 345

Upcoming at Tate
As well as looking at the Auerbach at Tate Britain my eyes were drawn to the forthcoming 'Artist and Empire' it's an intriguing subject to create an exhibition about (and it open this Wednesday 25th ).

There's  a nice little Hackney Flashers room there too it's photographic (which appeals to me) and it's about a collective looking at community it's on at Tate Britain now (I liked The Highest Product of Capitalism by Jo Spence)

There too is a room dedicated to 'The Art and Alcohol' it  tells us quite a bit about the  ruling elites view on working class and drinking.

What stood out was The Village Holiday by Sir David Wilkie and the ambition and execution of George Cruikshank's The Worship of Bacchus.

A view from near The Tate Britain

Also I found many things I've not seen before and also looked again at some of the things I'm (almost) familiar with.

This included the rather marvelous Richard Hamilton Sculptural relief of The Solomon R Guggenheim .

I also saw some parallels between the way that light is used by Wright of Derby and Sir Luke Fildes in The Doctor.

[There's a nice atmospheric sound work in the atrium area too it's by Susan Philipsz and is called War Damaged Musical Instruments]

Red 345

Tate Britain's got plenty of colour

Caro uses red with some style

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