Thursday, November 26, 2015

Denny's Organising at the Sackler and Red 341

It's out there

What tends to be fun at the Serpentine is the non-traditional and somewhat immersive experiences that they host - there remains an edge there which allows experimentation, The new-ish Sackler Gallery is especially well suited to this.

Simon 'down' with the Baseball Hat

Simon Denny is far from the mainstream in contemporary art and can be seen, almost as the Artist remade as 'Geek'.

Denny who hails from New Zealand seems (to me) almost bereft of the use of traditional reference to the history of Western art (the one that I did feel significant was Ada Lovelace  known by some as the first programmer)  and is about social interaction and commercial endeavour.

Beamed from Outer -space to Starship Sackler

What we have though is an engaging introduction to how modern enterprises, corporations and indeed arms of the security service are modelled to adapt to modern technology an practices - in a way it's another way of looking at the Transience of Craig Martin's nearby exhibition

For sure the idea that there's a solution to technological change, its impacts on us  and that it can be achieved and tamed  is to me questionable in the extreme -all we can see is a series of  enticing 'snapshots' which we can see examples of in this exhibition.

A new one for the Lexicon - the formalised
Organisation part of the Denny show
Ada Lovelace is referenced

Strangely, yesterday I heard spoke for the first time the term Holacracy used - on a Radio 4 programme (The Joy of 9 to 5) about the challenges of modern corporate  office life.
The show is split into two, here Emergent organisations

Ultimately the question again raises it's head is it Art?
Well Denny is an artist and this on in a gallery so the answer for me is yes.

As a person with a technical background I liked the exhibition and had that feeling of excitement and wanting to run around and push buttons but of course I recognise it as 'problematic' in what it presents at least in some ways.


Red 341

A lovely engineering red emanates here.

As seen at Homebase

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