Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Children's Illustrator needed and Red 364

I've got this idea for a short story (and perhaps others too) for children  but need an illustration or two - can you help?

 First one- kids running along a beach and the second a crab as a shelf...

As the children walked along they saw a group of crabs at the head of them was a crab called Mark, he was all by himself eating sweets and not sharing them with the other creatures.

As an example one of the children took the crab hollowed him out and with a pair of brackets he was mounted on the wall -

'Look' said one of the children

'Simon the Selfish Shellfish has been made to look Shelf-ish'

Red 364

Here's someone who got on their bike (and this sort of delivery system is good for the city and the planet).

Well he got on his bike
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