Thursday, November 12, 2015

The Crucible at The Questors theatre, Ealing and Red 355

Last night we went to the Questors Theatre, Ealing to see a performance of  Arthur Miller's rightly celebrated play The Crucible.
The Questor's theatre Mattock Lane, Ealing

Having read a little about the play I should say I was a little wary but the fact that the setting is the Salem, USA Witch Trials of 1692/3 was soon forgotten as the powerful told story unfolded.

Amazing the commitment and expertise on show, what is intriguing to is that a non-commercial theatre can put on challenging work that repertory companies and West-end shy away from - here we have a big cast engaging with an important and live issue using a play that challenged when it first appeared in the 1950's

I now see that Miller's own experience of HUAC hearings is central to the drama - you can see something about it here.

I have been involved with The Questors on and off for many years, helping as a volunteer lighting assistant around 30 years ago but also attending performances - as you can see here and I'm now looking at exhibiting a selection of my photo's in the Grapevine bar in early 2016 - it's definitely an institution that provides a valuable training ground too.

Red 355

When we were in Oxford we took a bus tour the commentary was pre- recorded and we were provided with headphones for the multilingual soundtrack.

A pair of headphones that was given out as part of Oxford Bus Tour
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