Saturday, November 14, 2015

The New Design Museum Home in Kensington and Red 353

I've been doing stuff with the Design Museum for about a year now and looking forward to getting involved in Cycle Revolution the new exhibition that's opening in the next week (18th November).
He created Col. Blimp

The old banana warehouse, near Tower Bridge  that's currently the museum home is now sold and the new home is in the Kensington district, the main area for museums .

In terms of space it's about 3 times the size and there'll be areas that are free to visitors - so it's going to be a bigger better and free-er when it opens in 2016 (all being well!).

Nearby is the blue plaque on to Sir David Low who lived   in the area he's the New Zealand cartoonist who created Colonel Blimp.

Below you can see views of the building work from when I went along to see it during the week.

What a stitch-ed up panorama of the rear view of New Design Museum
and looking at the front of what used to be the Commonwealth institute you can see there's plenty of activity going on.

New Design Museum home- there's work to do and people doing it


Red 353

back in the world of Red - this sign could be legitimately on site

Not welcoming
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