Friday, November 20, 2015

Growing, a bargain book and Red 347

it's collapsible
Down on the allotment yesterday collecting some Carrots and Parsnips (odd shaped but edible), the winds had made some adjustments to my 'cages' necessary.

but recovery is possible

Fast growers
Of course the weather at this time of the year is not really associated with growing but more about the routines of turning over the soil, pruning and making good for the winter, having said that some growing does take place as we can see with peas and broad beans sown at the start of the month.


A bargain book

Got this book from Oxfam at only £2.49 it's all about creating still life photographs and the writer Bruce Pendleton has some amazing pictures and a short bio' here.

Red 347

A strong association with red
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