Friday, November 13, 2015

Julia Margaret Cameron Media Space and Red 354

A very well curated exhibition
There's a great exhibition of photographs on display at the Science museum until the end of March.

The show is really nicely curated and the connection with traditional portraiture is clear to see.

Julia Margaret Cameron is credited by some as one of the key figures in connecting portrait photography with the art of portrait painting.

Although she came late to photography her position in society meant that she was able to get many impressive figures to sit for her.

Lots more to see there
After what seems a productive time living on the Isle of Wight economic conditions conspired to make a move to Ceylon necessary.

Julia continued to photograph in Ceylon (now known as Sri Lanka) but  the steady stream of society's 'significant' sitters were no longer available here also local conditions conspired to make the mechanics more difficult for processing her prints.

Sadly Julia died at the age of 63 having been active in photography for only 15 years

The Science Museum might not be the first place you think about seeing Photo's but  like the Labour Party it is a broad church so don't be put off visiting  by the fact the 'Science' word is used.

There's now  a heavier presence at the entrance  pressing for donations do donate if you can afford to  - most people with an enquiring mind will find something  to fascinate them here and they're doing great work.

Red 354

And on with the red theme - a call on this phone is one you're going to answer (perhaps with trepidation?)

A reds Phone can be designated for those ultra significant calls
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