Tuesday, December 01, 2015

West London Hotel boom and Red 336

Looking along the Uxbridge road in Ealing and West Ealing I was staggered to see that so many of the properties being developed and recently completed are hotels
A 'Premier' Hotel

There was very much a time (and not so long ago) in London where Hotel choice was very limited
and the selection was between the expensive and classy and the type that was more of a 'guest house' than a hotel - the yawning gap between the two extremes was an fathomable chasm.

I recall a time when the Bayswater area of London had more mediocre and over priced 'hotels' than you could shake a stick at - no en-suites and often no catering at all- times thankfully have changed.
Another one -Under construction

In the last 10 years as tourism has continued to boom and travel has become commonplace  in this time  the chasm has been filled and we're in a position now across the capital where functional, clean hotels are found not far from most tube stations.

Red 336

The shutters are down and they're red

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