Sunday, November 01, 2015

Autumn in the Garden

Yesterday made the most of the good weather and as well as cutting the grass I cleared the small temporary 'greenhouse' and started Broad Beans and Peas with the hope of getting them on the allotment early.
[Interesting to see a similar post from me from around 4 years ago]
Peas and Broad Beans

A couple of years or so ago we had one of our conifers cut back - not sure if that was the cause but tree didn't recover.

I'd already cut the tree back and shredded the smaller branches leaving a rather large telegraph pole like protuberance.

Having looked online and had some experience of Bosch tools I decided to buy an electric chainsaw of this brand. 

The model I selected was the  Bosch 40- 19S and Amazon delivered quickly (ahead of their predicted time) - it was surprisingly easy to put together.
My good cutting friend, the Bosch 40-19S

As was pointed out in some of the reviews it's a little bit worrying  that it's so easy to buy what in the wrong hands could be dangerous to the user, I have had some experience of similar tools through my Horticultural studies (at Capel Manor Gunnersbury Park) and volunteering activities with the National Trust assisting at the gardens Osterley House so was cautious and used gloves, covered my arms and donned ear protectors.

I found the usage fairly straightforward but would recommend making the first use under ideal conditions (no rain for example) and at ground level rather than from a ladder.

The saw cuts really well to my mind and costs about the same as getting someone in to do the job so further use will to my mind be free.

And it's gone
Limitation is of course electric supply - although I guess you can use with a generator, anyway it was certainly good fun.

A dead tree

I've now got some natural logs that I'll try and do something interesting with

And it's become a pile of logs (more on this later, I'm sure)
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