Monday, November 02, 2015

Ealing in Autumn, Web aggregator 'Twicsy' and Red 365

I suppose Autumn is in some ways may my favourite season certainly it's a great time for colour in the English landscape.

After a fairly straightforward haircut at my regular and favourite Ealing Barber Sweeney's (I don't think I'm alone as a middle aged man in that much of the trimming and tidying is now around the back of my neck, eyebrows and ears) I took my Canon SX 280 HS for a walk.

All over for them
The doorbell kept going on Saturday night and local children did very well here - denying me a load of sweets and chocolate - probably ultimately to my benefit.

Now that Halloween has been and gone we've got Guy Fawkes to look forward to and I associate that with bits of trees and leaves on the bonfire

What is pleasing is the variety of colours in the trees, it's easy to think that leaves are Green or Brown but that's so far from the reality - on of my favourite trees is the Gingko (or oddly  also known as Maidenhair) tree which at this time of the year is unmistakably yellow.

And there are a lot more to fall yet
And I'd say that's yellow

View to the bridge in Walpole Park, Ealing



I'd not heard of Twicsy  until yesterday but looking I see that many of my 'Twitter picture's (if not all) can be accessed there (link) as well as lots of questionable stuff  -a reminder that what you put on the web's undoubtedly out there and might be monetized in a way you wouldn't choose.

[To be fair though they do look pretty good to me though]

Red 365

Some time ago I had this idea to take and show a load of predominantly red photo's - I've decided to have a go at this be decrementing my year here's the first - a strong image seen on all over the world.
Red 365
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