Thursday, November 19, 2015

Thinking of Pubs and Red 348

The Pub for centuries the heart of British male culture is in (perhaps terminal) decline, no longer the centre of the community apart from  in TV sitcoms and Soap Operas in many districts where they're not closing they're morphing into licensed restaurants .

Hammersmith, the Thames still with pubs on the Towpath
I suppose the first pub I was really aware of was the Three Stars in Trent Road (Chelmsford  -it seems this pub is no longer in business ), later after we had left Chelmsford there was a pub on the London Road, Braintree  I would collect 'deposits' from returning bottles.

At school it was fairly standard in 5th and 6th years to occasionally visit the pub at lunchtimes, and when we moved to Wethersfield I had a good friend with parents who ran 'The Dog' pub in the village.

For me my golden pub years were at university in Cardiff and in my early twenties in London, beer was around 25p a pint when I was 18 and three or four pints was a regular number of Beers.
1970's vibe in The Old Ship

Why is it that I'm musing on the  Pub? Well oddly I had a pint (or two) in an area that still glories in an ale past, with it's William Morris connection the towpath Hammersmith retains something of the tradition of public house culture.

We started off at The Blue anchor and ended at The Old Ship which reminded me strongly of a pub in Cyncoed, Cardiff  (where we'd often have a Cornish pasty too) called The Discovery (it's still there), it felt very 1970's and it's odd too that my friend still works at Discovery (TV channels).

Red 348

 Here's a picture from earlier in the year - Red Art 'The Hero, The Leader, The God by Alexander Kosolapov.

Red and Iconic/Ironic

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