Sunday, November 15, 2015

Checking out the Ealing Pho and Red 352

In our almost fanatical commitment to keeping across the Ealing Cafés and restaurants on Saturday afternoon we went to what is one of the latest newcomers to New Broadway -Pho.
Pho time until Tuesday.

Unlike other places we've been of later this does provide something distinctly different and while it's got a 50% reduction on the food element of the menu (until Tuesday 17th) I'd suggest you give it a try.

It does become increasingly difficult for me to recall previous iterations of stores but it's not that long since Pho was Poco Loco so it is quite easy to see that a job has been done in re-imagining the space as a Vietnamese style eatery.

Although staff were still getting used to the place and there was a slight error with food I'd say the menu's a good one.
Hot drinks but not as we know them

Quite an eclectic  mixture Chicken wing starter was hot and tasty I hade a nice rice dish for main course and our hot drinks, Lemon Grass Tea and Vietnamese style coffee (with condensed milk, make sure you stir it!) made the place seem different -I for one  hope they continue with their spicy alternatives in the heart of Ealing.

Red 352

The countdown continues just near Holborn station a bright example of my chosen subject was on show.

It shows how well Red and Gold combine
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