Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Design Museum's Cycling exhibition at Design Museum and Red 350

It was still  'under construction' yesterday

Today's the day for media previews of  'Cycling Revolution' the latest exhibition about transport which opens to the public tomorrow (18th November) at The Design Museum, ahead  of it being completed I spent some time there yesterday looking at how I might lead some short 'insightful' tours around it in the coming weeks and months.

A smashing 'photo at the entrance.

The 'conceit' around the curation is that Cyclist belong to 'tribes' ( High Performers, Thrill seekers, Urban riders and Cargo bikers) but there's also stuff about maintenance, history  and the future evolution of the bicycle  - I think the visitors are going to find it engaging and surprising.

A challenging example

 Hopefully the artefacts and explanations on show will help people grapple with the  Design themes and also encourage people to make their lives and the life of the city more accommodating to what is an underused form of transport.

A cycle gift idea
Cycling is not confined to the exhibition and is on show all around the museum, including the central staircase and the (almost obligatory)
gift shop.

[The exhibition is on for a surprisingly  long time, until the end of June 2016]

The frames seem to reference Ai Weiwei  who referenced Duchamp


Red 350

It's not just about the colour it's a bout what associations that we have with the concept of red - Here's Red Route road markings (conceptually I suppose)  designed  and implemented to improve traffic flow in London (in this case).

Red Route and all that goes with it.
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