Saturday, November 28, 2015

Anise Gallery -Small exhibition, QR Codes and Red 339

Down Bermondsey way.
I'd been at the Design Museum looking at the rater excellent Cycle Revolution (more about this here) and as I walked down The Shad I noticed an exhibition and thought must take a look after my visit.

After immersing myself in all things bicycle I managed to walk past Anise Gallery but having realised my mistake double backed and had a good look around.

The current exhibition is Time and Tide by  Jeanette Barnes - the works on show are about how London is changing and her experience wqith printmaking is clear to see as is a connection with history.

Anise Gallery

It was nice to see a mixture of Charcoals, Monoprint and artefacts - for me the  Monoprints worked best (I liked the ones  from Walbrook Building) and were affordable whereas the larger unframed charcoals had clearly been painstakingly put together felt less precise (and were considerably more costly).

If you're in the area definitely worth taking a look, the pictures are on display  until 5th December

My own Exhibition page

QR codes

Talking of exhibiting..

As part of a labelling exercise (for my photographs to exhibit) I decided to have a go at QR codes, having been told that they were fairly easy to do I was surprised how simple effective (and free) it is.

The are some very easy to follow YouTube videos and the recommendations associated with them all look good. (I've used

You can try my first code here (I've read it okay with QR Code reader) , the intention is to have a code on each photo that's displayed to give details and price.

Red 339

Watch out for the red man

Red Crossing man -
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