Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Chrtistmas Shopping in Ealing (and online) and Red 343

I'm someone who is somewhat horrified when I see early signs of Christmas, having spent some time living in France I tend to feel that the UK is guilty of this more than our European neighbours.
Open before Xmas?

Having said that I've got to confess that having seen the increase in shoppers at the weekend I've started attacking the challenge (both online and in person) - sometimes though I find that shopping early means I still get caught up in the later activity too.
Christmas tree and stalls in Broadway centre

Ealing's shopping centre is home to a Christmas market and as well as a tree there are decorations on the high street and in the Broadway centre, Festive celebrations mean good business for bars and restaurants too.

 I expect the Pho Saigon in Bond Street W5 will open soon to take advantage of this - it'll be interesting to see if they feel the need to start with a 50% opening reduction on their food menu as is becoming increasingly  the case in the sector.

[It'll be interesting to see how it performs against nearby Pho in New Broadway]

Red 343

Here's a family pet that's been recruited into the seasonal mood

Take from this what you wish
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