Monday, November 23, 2015

Pruning, at Questors Grapevine Bar and Red 344

I routinely cut back the Pear tree in our back garden each November, the tree is old and the fruit not great so the activity is about keeping the shape and removing anything that looks diseased, Friday was a fine day for the work and I was satisfied with the overall result.

The tree after pruning

The branches removed from the tree



Fruit trees on the allotment will also need attention and here the fruit is of more importance and value but again I shall do my best to preserve the shape and remove anything diseased.

As well as the pruning of trees fruit bushes, grapevines and Rhubarb are all to be attended to

Grapevine Exhibitions

And on the subject of Grapevine my second recent visit to The Grapevine bar yesterday lunchtime there's an exhibition of work by members of the 4020 Art Group including Naomi Healy.

Some of Naomi's work in The Grapevine

The  bar has a long wall at the rear and 2 or 3 other areas that are ideal for showing two-dimensional work.

I'm planning to show some photographs in The Questors Grapevine Bar and it's interesting for me to see how works are hung, labelled and how a theme and sense of unity is communicated.

More of the Grapevine Bar Exhibition Space

There are various arts initiatives in Ealing and one of the most active is OPEN Ealing here's a link to the eclectic selection of  events that are coming up with them.





Red 344

Back to the natural for what is often thought of as a vegetable but is technically a fruit (and there are plenty of Yellow or orange ones too).
Not perfectly red or perfectly round
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