Saturday, January 31, 2015

Frasier, Is there such a thing as 'accident'? - Design Museum Tours

Of the US comedy shows that the UK's Channel 4 has shown Frasier (reruns most weekday mornings at present) is one of the ones I most enjoy.

The conceit its works with is that two middle-aged, qualified Psychiatrist  (Freudian) brothers have as a remaining parent a bluff ex policeman.

Much of the humour revolves around the brother's snobbishness and their lack of  street smart.

What the programme needs to do is to make us feel clever and be in on the joke - but the problem for me is that if there's no such thing as an accident (which I seem to recall from an episode) why do we do all that we do?

Perhaps the myth of  Sisyphus is the best explanation we have?

Design Museum

In the next couple of years the Design Museum is set to move up a division in the London tourist map with bigger new premises and an area open to the public at large for free.

The Volunteer led tours of the design Museum 'Collection Lab' are now becoming a regular event for me and some of the other people who undertook the mission to provide a short introduction.
As seen it Time Out

Last Saturday I undertook a couple of tours, unfortunately due to other  scheduled events in the museum the first tour was rescheduled more than once but there were still some persistent punters who were not deterred, the second tour was a different matter and there were more people than (to my mind) was practical.

I did learn from one of the people taking the tour that the 'One Laptop Per Child' initiative has actually been observed (in Africa) and most of the people did say they found some value in the tour.

My intention on the next tour I take will be to change the items I visit and include something that demonstrates an environmental sensibility - perhaps Miyake's dress?
A designer gets green

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