Thursday, January 22, 2015

What's this? & Food that's been taken from me

An old Photo' not sure if I took it or Debbie did - any idea what it might be? (it could have been taken in Australia)

What the ...

Food that's been (or is being) taken from me

As Proust identified with his example of 'Petite Madeleines'  food is inextricably linked to memory and its evocations and so it was that when I returned to the UK a number of years ago that I noticed (to my mind)  Maynard's Wine gums had changed - when I wrote to them about this (yes I know) they completely (to my mind) missed the point and thought the answer was to give me a voucher -well what happened?

And  other food that's troubled me is Kellogg's Country Store which disappeared from retailers, I then had some in a Moscow hotel  and it briefly returned but has now gone again - where can I get it retail (I know Amazon sell it but it ends up at nearly £10)?

My worry is now that the almost completely synthetic  Vesta Beef Risotto has gone (or is going) for good too - I think it was considered exotic when I was a youngster and has been widely sold in £1 and sub £1 stores but now seems to have gone? (they weren't one trick ponies either as Stanley Baxter shows below).

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