Sunday, January 04, 2015

People I know on Telly

Well two of my favourite TV programmes are currently airing on BBC 2 and strangely they've both shown people I know, the fist is 'Only Connect' which has moved from BBC4 to BBC 2 it's considered cerebral in comparison with the most of the other TV quiz shows.

Virginia (Fassnidge)  is the contestant I recognise from my days volunteering with the National Trust at Osterley.
Osterley National Trust

Virginia is part of a team (Linguists) with her son and his partner but sadly it's not looking too good for them as well as knowing about plants she's a bit of a Leonard Cohen fan as I saw at one his concerts at the O2 a few years ago - Go Virginia.

BBC 2's Allotment challenge

the other programme that we caught today with a familiar face was BBC's second series of The Big  Allotment Challenge, the programme has been somewhat revamped since last year and it's still about growing and using produce but the first run had competing couples and this has now been changed to  individuals.

Well programme one of the new series featured the youngest contestant so far Matt who happens to have the plot (on his regular allotment) next to mine - sad to say Matt was the first contestant to leave - seems to me we (the viewers) should have a few weeks getting to know the 'allotment-eers' before they are removed - Matt is an interesting character and his engineering take on Horticulture would have been good to follow.
That Matt's shed the bright coloured one
Odd that there should be two people I know on such TV Programmes and that they should both be on BBC 2 - I guess I'm their target audience?

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