Friday, January 09, 2015

Another picture of the week

Well sad to see that Michael Russell has moved on from the Ealing Gazette but it has not stopped the paper printing a picture I submitted (number 11 I think)-  I was amazed at how quickly the building went up (right) - but it was pointed out to me (by a residential tenant I think) that rents had gone up -perhaps as fast.
A new year and a new picture

Seems that more new buildings are going up on Uxbridge Road between Ealing Broadway and West Ealing it's becoming a slightly glossier looking area.

Further down (towards Ealing) there'll be a building completed with great views from the top - residential I think but would imagine pricey.

It's odd to think when I was a kid growing up in Chelmsford  the tallest building I knew was the nearby 'Melbourne Flats' (now called Melbourne Court) at about 8 stories high.
Now that's what I call a 'Skyscaper'

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