Sunday, January 11, 2015

As we get older..

Strangely as you get more years under your belt there's more potential to be 'interesting'.

Without wishing to be too calculating in our relationships this history is something we don't always realise but the fact of having had more experiences and noted more connections can potentially help locate points of common interest and areas to be discussed with others.

That said we should remain open to new things and keep  an open mind for what's going on - strange that the collaboration between Paul McCartney and Kanye West should have elicited so much negativity - it doesn't (I think) really detract from eithers own independent work  but for some it seems beyond the pale.

When you're young in whatever field it always feels like you're in year zero as time passes one recognises the narratives that have brought us to our current position.
Be reminded of youthful behaviour

The idea that because I don't spend much time following soccer means that I consider it unworthy of my attention  (for example) is not the case when I was a youngster soccer was the most important thing in my life and I recognise that it is now even more culturally significant but it is not something that excites me now.

Artificial barriers around the spheres we inhabit do little to foster understanding and learning - because I don't agree with the philosophy of a Jehovah's Witness should not prohibit us from a dialogue and does not offer me an excuse to consider it unworthy of discussion- to find out the reasons why it has loyal followers enables an exchange of our ideas.

The opportunity to engage with those younger than ourselves can sometimes help us  to look forward as well as back in locating problems and solutions that we need to face.

The creation of intellectual and physical ghettoes is something that offers little of benefit to those within or without it.

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