Thursday, January 08, 2015

Older artists, A year for readers and Recycling

Seeing Art and Older artists recognised

On ITV London News last night I learnt of the public art on show in London - Winter Light Festival @Canary Wharf  -it looks really good it's a shame that I'll have to brave the London Weather to enjoy it.

Well apart from seeing the illuminated works around Canary Wharf I've decided to go and look at Selfridges and their windows.

I read in my paper about how Selfridges the UK departmental store is promoting Bright Old Things in its annual showcase window displays- the initiative usually features up and coming figures but this time the theme has been re-imagined as 'It’s Never Too Late to Try Something New' and has such figures as the maverick Molly Parkin and the former Punk musician Bruno Wizard involved.

On the topic of more mature artists I met, a couple of years ago a local artist who having had a working life as a draughtsman has subsequently used his retirement time to create (mainly) three dimensional works of art- he's part of the local 40:20 Art group and an inspiration in what can be done without too much in the way of facilities. (I'm going to ask him why it's called 40:20 sometime).

Some more to confront 


I've been cynical (in the common usage of the word) and sarcastic with the best of them but I do find it problematic (lip biting required) when any notion of trying to improve oneself is only met with disparaging remarks - I suppose it goes to the heart of arguments around determinism and not being in control of our destiny

Well I don't know if Mark Zuckerberg's interest in books is  anything that we should collectively react against (although plenty of course have), much as many decry Tesco (they're flawed, which organisation isn't?) McDonald's and pretty much all politicians in their life - I don't seek to tell Mark what to read but am enjoying my own personal literary quest to date and wish him well in his personal selections.


When I buy I need to dispose

There's a real problem I have with accumulating stuff, when I buy something new I should remove the one (or ones) that are made redundant, yesterday I took a pair of shoes to be recycled, they've got a small hole in them, I'm not sure what they'll be recycled to.
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