Tuesday, January 13, 2015

My nice new camera and a very good service from the supplier

Yesterday all the way from Hong Kong I received a new G16 Canon Camera  - it really does seem to be a very good compact camera and I'm excited to start using it in anger the specification means that I should be able to contribute to the Alamy service where photographs can be traded .
The G16 Powershot as captured by the 280HS

The company supplying has been great, as good companies do they  under promised and over performed, particularly on delivery. They had the unit to me in  less than a week from ordering and it came with a couple of small extras thrown in, a card reader and a screen protector -so well done to  eglobal central (UK).

I'm excited about the camera but can see that a modern digital camera like this can be intimidating -it is complex and there's a fantastic amount it can do - best way to learn is to start taking pictures but for new users a club or a course would be worth thinking about (if you're in or near Ealing try this one) as others users can help and a slight urge to show that you;re as good as the next person can spur you on..

While I'm generally pretty happy with the Canon range and can understand that different cameras might require different batteries, it would be nice if the chargers supported more than one type of cell, I've now got three chargers  which are to my mind only slight variants on one another.
One of three of my chargers

I suppose that there is some advantage to me in that I'm now quite familiar with the Canon 'philosophy' and how the menus and dial layouts are structured, I've had Canon Still and Video cameras for over 25 years - if I was a Nikon person I would imagine that there would be a difference from canon but that I would then find the similarities through the different models.

I'm sure being used to that particular brand does help 

The downside as others have pointed out is no manual and CD but this is not the end of the world if you're familiar with Canon cameras.

Next things are to get a decent case and a spare battery and with the absence of a printed manual it might be worth thinking about the G16 book too (this by David Taylor might be the one).

An early shot shows the depth of field the camera is capable of.

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