Saturday, January 17, 2015

Philosophy for everyone -on my Ealing doorstep

Not ancient Athens not even ancient Ealing but home to the course

I've now started a new Philosophy course, it's local and quite different from the City Lit ones I've done previously (they were so 2014).

As a result of it being an Ealing Adult Learning initiative the location for the experience is Perceval House which is the centre for all things Ealing Council, not surprisingly (for me) I managed to get lost between the main entrance and our meeting room but this wasn't a problem as it gave me a chance to remind myself what god-damn awful places open plan offices can be.

Course leader is a guy called Dan Williams who has a special interest in Film & Philosophy, Dan did a great job in helping us set collective  goals (four) for the group as well as an additional personal one, these were broadly

1) To increase our knowledge of history of philosophy.
2) To be able to discuss philosophical ideas in group discussions.
3) To be able apply the ideas from the course to topics and discussions. 
4) With the help of knowledge gained to be able to evaluate philosophical ideas.

and for me the personal goal is

5) To be better able to accommodate the idea of free will in a world where Science increasingly is able to explain much of our current understanding.

In our first session we got to know one another and also took a look at Jean-Paul Sartre not in what is the usual 'angle' but his part of a perspective on 'Imagination'  - this was informed by brief viewings of excerpts from Ingmar Bergman films.

The first scene looked like an opener to a film with titles and other examples of film iconography but I had a real challenge disengaging with what felt like rather heavy handed symbolism the second excerpt exhibited I suppose the advertising and humorous uses has given my view a rather post-modernist take on such scenes.
The scene I had problems with was where death engaged in a game of chess with  a possible victim (of death)by the sea was from The Seventh Seal a much analysed film.

The course will involve some reading (this week a piece from the Philosophy Now publication) and a little research (the nominated figure being the famous child Psychologist Melanie Klein).

More impressions from what promises to be a diverting course as it progresses.

Last part of the jigsaw

Thanks for the memory - another card

Got my new camera's 32 GB Transcend memory card - all the way from Switzerland - not sure why this should be the source.

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