Friday, January 30, 2015

Flu hits me hard & Find out about some of the Big Changes proposed in Ealing

Flu hits me for six

I would say that generally I enjoy fairly good healthy but since last weekend I've had a major case of Flu- I don't mean a cold I've had days of not really surfacing and been off my food, perspiring and generally feeling sorry for myself.

My advice is to take care of yourself (some advice here)- if you do get infected make sure that you stay warm and keep taking in fluids

We need to get across what's happening

Changes in The Borough

I'm not too sure about the other London Boroughs but the face and character of Ealing is changing at quite a pace as far as I'm concerned pauses and delays allow for a more through consideration of the effects of change and local residents should acquaint themselves with the issues .

Today (from 4:00 PM)  and Saturday across the road from the Ealing Broadway Station there's a small exhibition showing a proposal for development between the Carphone Warehouse and Morrison's - of course there'll be more flats - I don't know if this can be described as a balanced plan?

The recent mail from Save Ealing's Centre Group details some of the changes that are anticipated, many looking to exploit potential profit allied to the Crossrail project's completion.

One of the areas that it seems the Council wishes to see developed is The Stables in Haven Green.

But the idea is causing quite a lot of opposition to become mobilised - the building a fine historic one is actually protected by Covenant and the increase in traffic already seen as a result of the new Morrison's and TK MAXX will only get worse if it goes ahead (more about this later).

As well as  those who wish to see the character of Haven Green preserved a number of people are worried about the impact on local School children regarding the nature of the development  proposed.

The increase in traffic around Springbridge is already becoming worrying for parents 
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