Sunday, February 01, 2015

Back at Philosophy and Ealing - Why no local media?

After several days laying low I felt sufficiently close to being alive to make it to the Philosophy class on Thursday- it was worthwhile but as might be expected the plan seems to be going more slowly than we might have hoped.

Any history of Philosophy is contested
The look at the Pre-Socratics indicated how early Greek Philosophers had sought to find a single unifying 'element' be it fire (Heraclitus) or water (Thales)  - what I felt having read that the history was  put together from 'fragments' was that the significant thing was that the move was being made to find rational descriptions.

Also history from a time when the literate where a tiny elite is not without ambiguity often ideas might be taken and re-appropriated or subtleties may be lost.

Next week we're looking at Plato, and  Knowledge versus Opinion which I think could be controversial!

Local News

The other week I was discussing with Victor how little 'space' there is now to have an exchange of ideas  about our locality - from being a hand full of papers to one has happened over a relatively short time.

Any discussion about where we live focuses on profit and this removes the human from change, plans are about providing more housing but the idea of this is generally about exploiting an opportunity for profit

The Ealing Gazette used to have an office in West Ealing, this then became Hammersmith I see that the postal address is now Guildford- what is the interest of Trinity Mirror Southern (the paper's owners)  in Ealing?

How might the issue be addressed the hyper local is one possibility but it does not connect to the mass as one might wish.

All around us is change - but who asks us about it?

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