Friday, January 16, 2015

The joys of the extras for my excellent Canon G16 camera

An illustrated book
Really feeling that I'm getting ready to use my new Canon camera, a case that fits the camera and means I can use on my belt along with a nice instruction book arrived yesterday.

 Both items coincidentally cost £9.74 which included the shipping costs, incidentally they were also both  ordered earlier in the week so very good delivery.

I also bought two spare (non-Canon) batteries, my previous camera got through a charged battery quite quickly so I wanted to make sure that I have spares when I'm out with the camera (the case has a compartment to hold a spare battery too).

The only thing I'm now waiting for is a 32 Gb memory card.
A well proportioned case

New batteries

Earlier in the  week I took a picture of a small figure in  local park that the Canon Powershot SX280 HS had struggled with.

I'm impressed that the G16 is able to focus nicely as shown in the picture below of an image capturing a Big Ben model from a Christmas cracker.

A struggle for the 280HS

A captured image showing depth of field the G16 achieves 

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