Friday, January 02, 2015

Election 2015 and issues we should considers (I say)

Well to me it doesn't seem that long since election 2010 but the political landscape is certainly looking different (although seismic shifts might be an exaggeration).
A dove is what we need

If we review the progress of the economy since the Tory-led  coalition government was formed it looks a mixed bag to say the least, in terms of meeting the economic aims that George Osborne set himself it is pretty much a failure (rebalancing the economy and reducing Government borrowing) when judged dispassionately and the idea of us all being in it together  has been shown to be patently absurd.

The rise of UKIP has driven the Conservatives to taking an ever more Euro-sceptic  position and the so called greening of the Tories is revealed a lie that  can only be seen disappearing in the rear view mirror as we near the next election.

There are though some (small) positives that we can look at in terms of movements in society, mental health has become an issue that can be addressed in a more balanced way (thanks in part to the importance that the Lib-Dems have attached to it) , the ageing of the population too is not now something that is totally avoided by politicians as it has been before and same sex marriage is now permitted in the UK.

 And The World

On a wider perspective the best hope for increased living 'standards'  and one which is looking increasingly possible  is a US led economic recovery driven by a resurgent business sector there helped by the lower fuel costs that shale oil has enabled, this has the dual benefit of lowering costs in the USA and putting more money in consumers pockets and purses.

More money will increase both consumer spending and confidence thus creating demand, demand which will though unleash inflation again.

Foreign Affairs 

Conditions in both the Middle East and parts of North Africa remain worryingly unstable and North Korea remains unpredictable  -it is in such areas that calm counsel is required from the US state office and Foreign ministers within the EU, any diminution of British influence in Brussels in this respect would be serious and a result of Tories pandering to an unrealistic go it alone Britain.

The other problem which although having limited global financial effect that was resolved in 2014 was that of Cuba, Cuba is one of the best places (for a holiday anyway) that I have visited, I hope the move to a more balanced relationship benefits the people of both the USA and Cuba it appears that the current Pope played an important role in the rapprochement be great if his diplomatic skills  can be used to end other stalemates  in 2015.    
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