Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Leeks and Why do several 'Do- It- Yourself' jobs crop up at once?

Plot 202 really is the gift that keeps giving - I got a replacement cold frame (half price at the garden centre), when I dropped it off at lunchtime there on site I noticed some health looking leeks so I picked a couple of them  - not too much down there at this time of year  but always nice to bring something back.
A couple of leeks boyo.

The intention is to eat them while they're fresh, the idea is roasting the leeks- I will report back

Lights go out.

Earlier today I was asking myself 'Why do all those 'Do- It- Yourself  jobs crop up at once'? 

Well I suppose in truth the answer to this is that they don't but the inclination to address them all at the same time makes it feel like they do.
The lamp control

One of the bulbs in our floor lamp went around 3 weeks ago, I got a new bulb but sadly it didn't fix the problem and on further investigation I find that the light is far more complicated than I realised - it's got one 220 volt bulb and a 12v bulb both driven by some dual voltage transformer - this means I've had to order a replacement twin rotary dimmer transformer- hopefully I'll be up to the job of swapping it out when it arrives.
Wickes  as ever  - there's the name on it

The other lighting challenge was in the kitchen, where two small fluorescents (1 foot and 2 foot)  have been looking increasingly tired and have now officially expired - new tubes and starters mean it looks like Blackpool illuminations - I had to visit Wickes (same as ever) and Homebase to get what I needed - Homebase has now moved upmarket with more franchised space and actual basics minimised managed to find what was needed eventually
Now behave 

Thankfully the other problem - a reoccurring one with the upright vacuum cleaner  (a Morphy Richards that's generally okay) is an over enthusiastic thermal trip it fools me nearly every time, give it 20 minutes or so and it's back in action - I don't know what I'll do when it doesn't recover (perhaps this'll help me).

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