Monday, January 12, 2015

Ebay collection via Argos and persistent pubs

Before Christmas I heard on the radio both of how some 'home' delivery firms were struggling to cope with getting orders out and also the poor monetary reward that they're offered, it's fair to say that with many companies offering 'free' delivery somewhere in there there's a squeeze taking place - if goods are of a manageable size (and ordered from Ebay), ant you've an Argos nearby perhaps the 'free' collection there is a good option.

Quite a number of the drivers provide their own vehicles, are self employed and effectively working piece rate- leading to these sort of issues it seems (from my package anyway) that Royal Mail are involved so it should be a unionised service behind it with proper rates of pay.
Another option for Ebay shoppers

I've used this service a couple of times now and as long as you go when it's non-peak hours at your local store it seems pretty pain free, it also means that you're not put in a position of chasing if you weren't at home when an attempted delivery was made.

Long term pubs

Looking through some old Photo's I saw a picture I'd take what must be getting on for 50 years ago with my first camera,a Kodak Brownie Vecta, apparently it only had a plastic lens, fixed shutter speed and a small fixed aperture - the picture's of a pub in Rye (a fictionalised Rye is where the E.F. Benson Mapp and Lucia novels are set) - it's The Mermaid Inn pub and is still very much in business.
Rye in years gone by

Another long term pub this time in Ealing is the Sir Michael Balcon  - I think it used to be a Crispin's Wine bar when I first came to Ealing but it's now part of the Wetherspoons chain and has had it's name changed (quite some time ago).to reflect the heritage and connection between Michael Balcon and Ealing film-making.

The Sir Michael Balcon pub in Ealing

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